Notes from the Road: 24-Hour UltraSkate in Florida

24 Hour UltraSkate Homestead Speedway Miami


Notes from John's timing trip to Florida …

The 24 Hour Ultra-Skate was interesting this year. It started out with a 5 hour delay because Ford had one of their teams do some testing with a car just when we were suppose to start the 24 hour event. I guess having a car doing more than 160 miles an hour and skateboards on the same course was not a good idea.

Next with about 4 hours left in the event I was told to move from where I was timing the event to another location because a Ferrari driving school was going to take place once we finished our event. The people pay $150,000 for the class. I told them it would be problematic to move so they worked around me.

The last picture is of Andrew Andras breaking his own world record for the most miles in 24 hours. He did it with almost two hours left. He ended up with 283 miles. What a machine.

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